Jio financial services products Detail

Jio financial services products Detail: Dear Friends, many non-banking financial services companies and banks are in the market that provide financial services to the customers/end consumers. The most recent one, which is in the news and has set the market abuzz, is Reliance group company- Jio Financial Services. Today we will get to know about Jio’s financial services product list and its offerings.

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Jio Financial Services was demerged from the reliance group of companies which is led by Mr. Mukesh Ambani(the richest man in India) and is a separate entity now. Jio financial services listed on the Indian exchanges on 21st August’2023.

About Jio financial services

  • Jio Financial Services is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Mr. V. Kamath and Mr.Hitesh Sethia are the chairman and CEO of Jio Financial Services respectively.
  • Mr. V. Kamath also headed the prestigious ICICI bank in the capacity of CEO.
  • The National Stock Exchange symbol of Jio Financial Services is Jiofin and the Bombay Stock Exchange symbol is 543940.
  • Jio Financial Services is a non-deposit company.

To learn more about Jio Financial Services, pls visit the Jio Financial Services Official Website.

Jio financial services products

Jio Financial Services offers a wide range of financial lending products in its kitty. Jio’s financial products are namely:

Jio Financial Services Home Loan

Jio Financial Services is offering home loans to customers. The Jio financial services home loan is designed to cater to the needs of customers who require ‘Loan for construction of property’, “Loan for property renovation”, “Loan for flat purchase” etc.

Jio Financial Services Business loan

Jio’s financial services products include business loans to customers. Those who are willing to open new businesses, increase their loan limits with good credit scores, and have a good history may reach out to Jio Financial Services for business loans.

Jio Financial Services Personal Loans

Jio financial services products also include personal loans to individuals who have a good CIBIL score and a good credit history. The Jio financial services personal loan is provided at an interest rate that is competitive with the market rates.

Jio Financial Services Education Loan

To build a nation with a strong future, educating the child is a must. Keeping in view the future of the country and the requirements of loans for higher studies for students, Jio Financial Services offers education loans.

Jio financial services education loan meets the requirements of the students willing to pursue higher studies and helps them build their future at nominal rates of interest.

Jio Financial Services Insurance

Jio Financial Services includes a wide range of insurance products as well. Jio financial services products include insurance like life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, etc.

Does Jio Financial Services provide home loans?

Jio’s financial services products include home loans.

Is Jio Financial Services a listed company?

Jio Financial Services is listed on both NSE as well as BSE.

Is Jio financial services a Reliance group company?

Jio Financial Services is a reliance group company

Are Jio financial services products good?

Yes, all the Jio financial services are good and as per the market requirements.

Does Jio financial services offer insurance?

Yes, Jio’s financial services products include personal insurance, motor insurance, etc.


Jio Financial Services caters to the range of wide variety of customers in the Indian markets. They offer home loans, personal loans, etc.

The services of the company are yet to start. The company is in the process of building the manpower and the right set of infrastructure for meeting the customer requirements. the operations will be launched soon. The long wait for Jio financial services products is going to end soon.

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